Friday, April 29, 2011


Let me set the stage. The kids had bible study yesterday and afterwards we stayed to have a picnic lunch and play on the structure.
However, I 'caught' the kids learning!! One of the boys had just borrowed a new book from the library about the most dangerous creatures in the world. His sister was taking a moment to explain something. Check out how she's holding the book like a 'teacher' and how they are gathered in front of her like 'students'. The boys told me later that more people die from bee stings every year than from shark bites....who knew??

A likes to make sure he sets aside a little time to spend with his favourite almost one year old.

After putting a puzzle together we tried gluing it permanently. I'll let you know how this turns out.

School didn't start until after lunch today. Lunch at the park. Doesn't get much better than this.

And today's poetry.

Webkinz-From A

Webkinz are cute

Webkinz are adorable

You can log them on Webkinz World

I could play with them all day

Sad-From E

We feel sad

We feel sad

for our grandad.

He feels sad

He feels sad

because his dad died.


Mama Bear said...

The poetry is incredible. I love it! It sounds like a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Love the poems...keep them coming!

Sad to hear about Norn's dad but grateful that God gave him the many years he did have to enjoy life with his family and friends.

The bee and shark story was interesting. Children can teach us so much....even life lessons. Both my sons gave me great joy and still do to this day I might add. As well as joy they gave to me knowledge that can only come from being a parent.

Children are a gift from God.

Love to all

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