Monday, May 02, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

Since my fave restaurant stopped serving my fave pizza flatbread we decided to try another local pizza place.

This place just recently opened on KingSt. It was o.k. Not great. Just o.k. But my dinner company was great.

This guy brought his camera. I felt like the paparazzi were there!

M always says that we only do baking when we have a playdate planned. So last night the boys and I made some 'just because we love daddy' muffins.

When we visited the B&O Railroad Museum I was taking pictures that I thought looked like the letters in our last name. Then yesterday I bought a frame from Mchael's CraftStore(on sale). This will hang on the wall in the train room at our next house.


Anonymous said...

Great weekend was had by all.

Very nice picture of Michael and I can see that he loves his camera.

Your weather there is amazing...saw people outside of the White House on the news last night with tshirts and shorts on...must be nice!!!!

Love to all

Cathy said...

The Barefoot train sign looks very cool! Looking forward to seeing you when you are back in the area.

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