Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's The Thing

We stopped at a friend's house on Tuesday and the kids had an impromptu noodle sword fight on the lawn.

Today we had a little snack picnic while we waited for our friends.

And then we went for a swim. These are the kids new suits. They have that SPF in them.

I have not been posting this week. And it's not because the kids weren't cute.....they were. It's just been one of those weeks.

1.The weather has been rainy and unpredictable. We missed soccer on Tues. and a Thurs. park date.

2.They are showing the house to potential rentors. So it has to be kept tidy ALL THE TIME and has ceased feeling like hom.

3.The kids are getting pre-move angst. They want to see family and for everything to be 'back to normal' around the house....BUT....especially with A(who doesn't remember living anywhere else), there is an element of anxiety about the unknown and leaving the familiar.

4.I have been working on the post-move budget....the one where we actually have to start living within our actual means.....not fun. get the idea.

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