Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We thought if we got out of the house early it would save us from most of the heat.

The tour guide described the straight format of the stones as the soldiers being at attention for all eternity.

This was right beside our bus when we stopped for a procession to go by. Hm....me worry?

This is the old amphitheater. Beautiful.

You can see in this picture how gosh darn hot it was....morning or not.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures also the ones of your weekend. It is one thing to have Johanna on the stone but the second name kind of gives one the chills. How crazy is that???

What heat...have you hit 90 today?

It certainly is not hot in the Peg...I think it is 8 maybe 10 out there....madness!!!!

Love to all.

Mama Bear said...

That's the same middle name, too? Weird! Great pics, though!

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