Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pull It Together

We pulled it together today let me tell you. We got off to a slow start(think p.j.s at noon). Then we spent a lo-o-o-o-ong time getting all the bikes ready to hit the trail. Then my front tire exploded! M had to run over to the bike repair shop and get a new tube. Then we finally all got on the bikes and before we even reached the end of the first started to spit rain.
But we were committed then so we ventured forth. We did well for about 20min.

Then we took a little pause under some trees while the rain poured itself out.

From there it was all up hill. And I don't mean on the trail! There are several stops along the way to take a rest and get a water refill.

These pics were taken on our way back. We covered about 13kilometres. A great ride. Big smiles all around.

From one spot on the trail we could see the harbour we visited yesterday.

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