Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unexpected Fun

It gets harder as the weather gets nicer but we are still doing our school work every day.

This week we are supposed to work our way through an electricity experiment kit. The problem is that we have not had a lot of success so far. Both of the experiments we tried today failed. Yesterday we had 50-50 success. It's frustrating. But we'll try again on Thursday.

Here's the unexpected fun part. After we got home from soccer we saw that the park across the street had accepted delivery of the new volleyball sand. The thing was....the city hadn't been out to spread it down. WOW!! The hill was crawling with kids (including one very nude 3 year old!).

I had to tear them away after 40 minutes because their tutor was expected to arrive. When she did they were still in the tub and I was hosing them down.

P.S. Check out the shirts the boys made last week. I have no idea where the idea originated. I came down for breakfast and they were waiting for me to get down the fabric paints. Nothing like an impromptu craft at 8a.m.

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Carey said...

So whatis the difference between nude and "very nude"? Just wonderin'.

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