Monday, May 02, 2011


I am quite pleased with the election results. Pleased that the Conservatives won. Pleased that the NDP gained seats. Pleased that the BQ lost a lot of seats.

I did notice tonight while watching the election results that a lot of the people on the coverage seemed to have these strange accents. Do I have that accent? Or have I lost it? I wonder how long it will take before I stop noticing it? And how long until I get mine back?
I want to sound Canadian!!

FromA-You don't know that!?! It's a good think you have us to learn from Mom.
FromE-You'd be surprised how long it takes us to pull ourselves to gether Granny.
FromA-Dad, why can't you stay home and teach us and have mommy go to work?
FromA-Mom's probably taking so long because she's painting her nails again!
FromE-If you could magically travel you could go back and get evidence to prove Jesus is real.
FromE-You really take good care of guinea pigs, probably because you take good care of us.
FromA-Don't worry, there were mommies even fatter than you in there.
From E-You really need to come and help us. We are getting unfocused.
From E-This is a problem mom. You're texting at the lunch table.
From A-That looks like a lot of pancakes're probably going to want to share those.
From E-Mom doesn't understand because she isn't a grandma yet.
From E-You have two quirks mom, your clean house and your diet coke.
From A-You can use my blanket mom if you don't puke on it.
From E-Some of these movies are very uncivilized!

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Anonymous said...

I was as pleased as you with the election. It was quite a night here in Canada.

What...we have accents!!! If the US has taken anything from you believe me our wonderful Canada will give it back.

We love that our family is coming home.


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