Sunday, April 24, 2011


There was a race and look who won!!

This was my attempt at a sweet guy pic.

Oh ya! That's ice cream.

I love these trees. They rain flower petals on us.

A little wrestling in the park.

M....always near the water.

Their father's sons.


Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of their father's sons."

Wow....lots of coins. Great that you could add to your collection.

Lessons on poetry...wonderful. I must add one to the list. When nana was a very young girl we used to have "autograph books" where we would have friends,family and even acquaintances write a poem in them. One that was written by my best friend's mom which I never forgot goes like this,
"Your life is like new fallen snow be careful how and where you tread for every mark will show." Few words but wise ones indeed.

Love to my sweethearts with hugs and kisses to all.


Mama Bear said...

Great pictures. I like the one of the boys looking out over the water, too.

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