Sunday, August 18, 2013

Before We Start A New Week

Learning while we walk. On our way to the movies the other day we saw an open manhole.
So the question was ... what's in there?
We went to take a peek and the gentleman got out of his truck to talk with us. He gave us a great description of what wires/cables were there and how some are deeper than others. He explained how they service them and what special training is required to go down. (There were a couple of deaths a few years ago so new restrictions were developed.) We asked what work they were doing and he explained that they are adding something to ground electricity after a small dog was electrocuted walking over a metal cover on the sidewalk. Interesting.

Nana babysat the boys while M and I went on a date night. And just to give the kids a hard time .... we took a picture of ourselves at the LEGO Store and emailed it to them. Hahaha ... we're hysterical.

This weeked we drove up to OwenSound. (We can do that now because it's so close.) There were tall ships there .... and of course the VMB household.

UncleJ took the kids out on his boat for a quick spin on Friday night. But on Saturday they decided to really make a day of it. 
 They took their snorkel gear with them.
And though the water was cold they could see right down to the bottom and the sun was shining.

E got to do his thing and drive the boat while A had a little nap.

The big boys did a great job of taking care of my little guys.

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Mama Bear said...

It seems like a lot of fun stuff and 'benefits' to your new place to keep you occupied and make the year go by quickly!

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