Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Pick a Picture

M took his kids and his ladies on a fun field trip today.
The Zoo!
Right after we walked in the door there was a wonderful bird.
We heard some fun facts about its abilities and E was able to ask a question.
And did you know you could ride a camel there?
After riding the horses at the Medieval Festival this summer they were excited to try another mode of transport. They tell me that the horse was a smoother ride.
We were so so lucky to get in quickly to see the pandas. Bother were sleeping but stunningly beautiful nonetheless. My favourite as always were the giraffes. The white lions were gorgeous.
Did you know the hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa? And the elephant is the biggest animal in Africa. And the alpaca .... well it's just cute.
A's favourite of the day .... penguins. I admit they are adorable.
The way they wobble and hop ... irresistible
Of course you always have to keep your eye on the photographer because you never know where he might be lurking. 
We spent some time in the KidZoo.
And even though the air was a little chilly the boys couldn't resist the call of the waterpark.
So let's do the math.
Science Centre membership + RoyalOntarioMuseum membership + Toronto Zoo membership
=One year of interesting field trips ahead of us.


Mama Bear said...

All your fun adventures makes DC look kinda boring! Maybe we should move to Canada???

Cathy said...

Your boys always have the best adventures! They are going to have a blast this year in TO. Hopefully you will too.

Cathy said...
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Karen said...

Lots of fun to be had at the zoo, etc. for sure! The naked mole rats are my current favourite animal at the Toronto Zoo. Check them out. They are sooooo social, it's mindboggling (and also supper cute). It was great to meet you last week! Karen in North York

Karen said...

Oops, I said supper when I meant super.

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