Wednesday, August 07, 2013


This had been on our list of things to do since we were here on the househunting.
So we paid the $90(!!) entrance fee and got in line.
First they take you through a 'how LEGO is made' demonstration.

There's a ride where you can shoot at troll targets ... fun.
Then MiniLand. This was by far our favourite. It was super cool to see all the structures and there were a number of buttons that you could use to make the displays react.
Once you get through to the main hub there are a few choices.
There are 15 minute 4D movies ... we saw the Clutch Powers one. There's also a Chima and a RaceCar one but we didn't want to wait in line to see those.
There's another ride and we stood in line for that but it was pretty tame.
The kids also participated in a MasterBuilder workshop making a clown fish.
Overall, it was a good experience for the kids. In my opinion the target age for this would be 6-8 yrs.
The boys would have liked to have more LEGO out that they could have built with.
And we would have liked the option to go and eat and then come back in. The cafeteria inside had sandwiches only and not cheaply. Or we could have packed a lunch if we had known.

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