Monday, August 12, 2013


One of the features at our place is a garden kind of made out in a cottage feel.
And what do you do at the cottage?? You float some boats. In this case, little tiny LEGO boats.
We were lucky that when the BgnrBarefoots were here we could enjoy the space
And today we hit another TO staple .... the Royal Ontario Museum.
We saw some of the endangered animal section, the bat cave, the birds, the Armour and a quick look at the Textile section. There is so much to see that we will need to go back several times.
Good thing we got a membership!
We took a quick (?) play in the Discovery Centre. Immediately drawing A's attention was the dig table. It wasn't holding E's interest though.
So of he went to chat with the employee at the medieval area.
While A kept digging.
And A kept digging ..... and E kept talking ....
After a while E was able to draw A over to try on some of the items

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