Monday, August 05, 2013

My Mom Can Make That

Bit by bit we're putting the place together. The average day goes something like this.
Make breakfast .... see that there is no jam ... add that to list.
Put some things away.
Do some paperwork.
Make lunch ..... see that there is no mayonnaise .... add that to list.
Go to store and pick up items on list.
 Make dinner ..... see that there is no parmesan cheese ..... add that to list.
Sit down to relax and get a drink ..... see that there are no ice cubes ..... add ice cube trays to list.
You get the idea.
The pool takes the edge off though. And tonight we had Chipotle for dinner. Fabulous!


E and his friend were playing a video game a couple of weeks ago and there's this little character. Sweet looking little guy, eh?
Anyway, E assured his friend that I could make them one each.
And ... I can. So now I'm on a mission to make one for each of the boys.

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