Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Whoops. Seems M had an appointment in our area and thought he'd stop in for a look-see.
Seems his teacher and his students had flown the coop.
In our defence ... it wasn't raining. And given our weather lately that's about all I need for an excuse to ditch the morning books and head out in the sunshine.
By the way this is where we were. Though we won't be participating with our homeschool co-op garden due to the move we wanted to see how things were coming along.
'A' had the chance to plant some pumpkins and E had the chance to ..... what was he doing anyway?
Oh yea, he was using a magnifying glass to try and start things on fire.
So let's call this field trip, Growing and Glowing?

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Anonymous said...

I just love the blog...thanks for being so faithful Johanna in posting for the souls that live at a distance.

Love to

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