Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Despite the grey day we went to the garden store after school.
All the kids were super excited about picking something for the front yard.
Very interesting to see the decision making process play out for each of them.
And as soon as it stops raining ... we'll plant them.
We are in our last unit study of the year. I wanted to do Shakespeare ... there was talk of doing Medieval History ... but in the end they decided that LEGO was the study they really wanted to do.
I have some ideas for how this is going to work and we'll see if any of them actually happen. I'm letting them have more control on this one.
First activity-100 LEGOS. They chose 100 lego pieces from their collection. (See above.)
We have packaged them up with two documents. (See below.)
 Can you imagine all the different creations we'll get out of the same 100 pieces?!?!?!

See this giant creature? Quite the specimen. Thanks to an observant neighbour we were able to catch this guy in the act of trying to break into our shed.
But haha!! M had fixed the broken panel yesterday so there was no access.
And then E pulled out our hockey game noise makers and scared him away.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my ...lots of little creepy crawlers around your place these days...wow. First bats, then this and I am sure there the ones that I have not been told about...yek!!!!!

Love ya

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