Sunday, May 05, 2013

When Kids Rock!

Well, tonight was a very difficult evening for the Bfoot family. After receiving confirmation last week that M was posted to Toronto for 11 months next year, we had to break it to the kids.  We knew it was going to be difficult for them, especially with the fantastic network of family and friends we have here in Ottawa.

They were surprised ... and sad ... and there were tears. They don't want to leave their friends, or their programs, or their neighbours or their family or their house.

We agreed that all those things rock and leaving them will suck. But the alternative is for M to be away .... for 11 months.

After the initial shock wore off they had the following to say:

1) this is going to suck
2) it's going to be hard on everyone else too
3) 11 months after we get there ... we will do this all again to come back; sad summers back to back
...................................................HOWEVER .....(and here's where they amazed us).............................
4) there will be many great adventures to have
5) what a great opportunity this is for M
6) how M must be good at his job to get this posting AND two medals last year
7) the option of M leaving for 11 months without us was NOT an option

So while it was horrible to see their little hearts breaking it was awesome to see them be so insightful, thoughtful and caring when considering the situation. 
How many other 7 and 9 year olds would be able to process the news like that?
They truly are amazing boys and we love them dearly.

I guess this will make us Barefoot-in-the-BigCity??


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful comments made by the boys on the move. They are great boys and their thoughts and hearts are in the right place. They never cease to amaze us all.

Love nana

Anonymous said...

What about being closer to the other Barefoots??? Doesn't that register on their radar?

VMB is very excited to have her only cousins live just a couple of hours away...


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