Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I didn't know that A knew how to access the camera on my computer. I found these pics this morning. First, a picture of his brother playing.

Then a picture of himself. And a pic of his outfit today. I guess he was proud of his suspenders.

The kids are into a new toy these days. They are called HexBugs. And they are actually pretty cool. They come in several different varieties and have habitats. You can set the track up in several different ways and they move around and 'battle' each other. Pretty cool.

One of the things that I love about homeschooling is that the kids get to explore their own interests at their own speed. When something is fun for them they get to fully experience it. They don't drop interests because it has become 'uncool' or too 'young' for them. They will often take a toy/game and invent new uses for it and/or incorporate other toys/games together.

I love watching their creativity. And I am so lucky to be home with them.


The Allen Family said...

Kind of funny, I seen those Hexbugs last month at ToysRUs and thought "that looks like the kind of fun toy the B-boys would like".

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Adam.....

You are certainly blessed Johanna ...to have the opportunity to be with your boys... homeschooling as well as being there when they need you. These sweethearts don't have to wait until the end of the day to pour their hearts out to mom when things don't always go as planned. Eric and Adam are truly blessed to have a stay at home mom.

Hugs and kisses...nana

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