Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There are invariably things that the kids have to memorize. Here is a fun/active game to make it seem not like work.
You know freeze tag? It's like that except when tagged the kid has to say the things they are trying to memorize before they move again. If I tag the other one of them before the first has said the list then I win. Otherwise I keep chasing and they keep reciting when caught. We played this today using the list of simple machines (wedge, screw, inclined plane, lever, wheel, pulley). But it could work with anything (vowels, names of people, sequences of events etc.).

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We're still working on that biking thing with A. He's definitely getting better.

While we were out biking we came across some friends who were at the park.

Here's a pic of the cabinet I bought for the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

nice cabinet....do you guys ever go out when you don't run into friends? Certainly a busy group, and busier it will be, as the move aproaches...Love Grampy Peter

Mama Bear said...

Awesome cabinet! And we need to work with Jo on her bike, too, but there really is nowhere to ride around here, so we have to take the bike somewhere so it's a pain. She'll get it one day...

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