Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Funny Story

So the other day M told me that he was going to see DnAkryd when he went to the embassy the following week.
So I said, "uh, that poor guy." Thinking, why would parents with the same last name as the actor be so cruel as to name their child D-a-n?
M heard me say, "uh, that poor guy." And thought, weird....I wonder what she has been reading in the news....maybe DnAkryd has fallen upon hard times?
Fast forward to yesterday when M came home from work all excited about having met DnAkryd. The actual DnAkryd.
So I said, "but I thought..." and he said, "oooh, so that's why you said....."
Yup....twelve years of marriage....communication still not clear.
In my defence, this meet and greet was arranged by an embassy staffer named StevMartn.....and I'm pretty sure he is not the actual StevMartn. Right, M?


The Allen Family said...

Oh my goodness! It really is Dan!
For me, knowing what a funster Michael is... I would have thought he was pulling me leg.
Very cool meeting the "Real Dan".

Mama Bear said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

So cool are looking mighty fine yourself Michael in this picture. Nothing like a man in uniform...your mom knows that better than anyone. When you look back and review the men who have influenced my life and to those who still are there is not one without a dad, all my brothers, my husband, and the love of my two wonderful sons.

Yes your mother is very familiar with a man in uniform.

You wear it well Michael. Not only do you look great but you make us all very proud.

Love your mom

Kim Ballou said...

So funny! And so cool!

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