Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's the dad in this house. He's quite a guy. He's smart. And he writes well. He makes me laugh. He loves his kids. He seems to need very little sleep. He has a thing for the water....and boats. He hasn't had hair longer than a brushcut since he was 17. He has an uncanny ability to remember people's names. He recently has gone back to school part-time....while working full-time. He is teaching his boys to respect women and love God.
I asked both the boys,"What does daddy love to do the most?" Both of them answered, "Be with us."
I would have answered, "Be with me." He makes us all feel like we are important to him.
He is very important to us. We love you daddy.

Here's some silly pics of the kids at lunch today.

The cakes for the party tomorrow are ready. Mario for A. Helicopter landing pads for E.

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