Monday, June 20, 2011

The End of Bday Week, Really

Today was the birthday party for the boys.

For many a month now they have wanted to have a party at ChuckECheese.

Their wish came true!

They, and ten of their friends, had an afternoon party.

That meant I got to visit with my friends too.

Look at that handsome happy face.

Everything is more fun with friends.

Even cake is better with friends.

Lots of friends.

I doubt they could think of anything else to wish for!

Presents are pretty cool too....thanks friends.


The Allen Family said...

Great Photos! Great Party!

Anonymous said...

what a party.....looks like everyone had a blast, what fun...wish I could have been there, love to everyone Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

Great party! I think the picture that caught my eye the most was of Adam hugging his buddies in the background. It says it all....I love my friends and sharing with them makes my day special especially my birthday.

Friends are a gift from God.

Love nana

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