Monday, September 19, 2011


We took a gym break half way through school. They were a blur for an hour.

I mean it - a blur.

Swing. Climb. Jump.

Pose. Smile. And rest.

I am in full-on pout mode these days. I don't seem to be making any connections in the homeschool community here. We have great neighbours and we spend lots of time with their kids after school. And it's great to have family close by for dinners/special days etc. But, we need homeschool friends. I miss being able to commiserate when I'm having a rough day or to call and have an impromptu play or lunch date. And I have tried. Through the forum I joined I invited people here to the house - they had other commitments. We went to a workshop last week, I put on my happy face - no one engaged. I sent out an impromptu invite on the forum today to join us at gymnastics - no replies either way - none. Ay, karumba! What's a girl got to do around here?! I joined a co-op that starts next week Thursday - so fingers crossed here - we'll meet some friends. Meanwhile, I miss my VA friends. :-<

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Mama Bear said...

We miss you here, too! That gym looks like so much fun! The ones who aren't joining you just don't know what fun they are missing with you and the boys!

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