Thursday, September 01, 2011

Nothing blows a little steam like jumping on the trampoline with your cousins.(Thanks for stopping by Grnny/D/A)

This picture just warms my heart. I stopped in to a toy store today (while waiting for the van to get an oil change) and both the boys gasped when they saw the Mr.Men books, grabbed one and sat down to read. And it wasn't school time!

We have been talking this week about history and how it is passed down and (re)discovered. Archaeology plays quite a role and is a fascinating topic. Today we set up an archaeological dig in the backyard. (I had purchased some trinkets that I hid in the dirt.)

Scientists at work. And, of course, things must be recorded!

The boys enjoyed finding the things that were buried there.

Tomorrow we are going to discuss the significance of their 'treasure'. What would it mean to an archaeologist to find money, writing tools, toys, not just food but candies, bones(skeletons)?

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Cathy said...

You definitely make learning fun for your boys! I would have loved having you for a teacher.

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