Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Was Fun 'til It Wasn't

Here are the boys on their first day of school. Can you believe how tall they're getting?

I read an article in Macleans this week called, Why Your Teenager Can't Use A Hammer, by Cynthia Reynolds(click on link to read). And I was really thinking about how as a culture we are moving away from doing things ourselves and teaching our children and moving towards getting other people, "professionals", to do everything for us. I'm not suggesting that we don't need people with expertise to do complicated jobs for us but that we should take the opportunity to try and solve some of our own house problems with elbow grease and problem solving. So it was with this attitude that we, meaning me and the two boys, started removing the tile in the front hall.

I would say it was a success. But caveat that with the info. that E sustained an injury to his finger. Nothing serious. No stitches. Some blood. He did pass out. But then that gave me the opportunity to teach A about first aid. You know: feet up on pillow, loosen clothing, cool cloth on head.
Learning opportunities are everywhere!!


Anonymous said...

How cute is all of this. Of course I am not talking about E's cut.

They look like pros doing the tile job in the hallway...go guys go!

Always learning...wonderful!

Love nana

Ian said...

Nice work. Do you contract them out?!

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