Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Day

Well this is our last day of summer. By that I mean that we are starting school tomorrow. Hopefully be 9a.m. we will be sitting down together to get started.
Going back to school is a little different for us as homeschoolers. They didn't go and buy new pencils/books/markers. (We keep a steady supply available all year.) They didn't get a whole new wardrobe of clothes. (We have a pretty relaxed dress code here-though no pjs) There is no nervous anticipation about finding out what other kids are in their class or how their new teacher will be. (Yup-still your brother. Yup-still your mom.) Those are the things I remember from going back to school. I hope that when they are grown that they won't resent me having made this decision and wish they could have done school 'normal'.
Anyway, tomorrow we will have new workbooks and journals. And we will go to the library and get a pile of books to match the theme for our first 8 week term. (Fairytales)
I was trying to think today of what the biggest difference is between 'homeschool me' and 'mom me'.
And what I decided is that when I am 'homeschool me' they have my complete and undivided attention for our classroom time. No phone calls. No internet. No chores. Just me looking them in the eye and talking with them. Not just telling them what to do. Talking with them.
I also went back and read the reasons I gave in Sept2009 for why we are homeschooling. Most of them are still true.
1. I still enjoy spending time with the kids. And they are still growing up very quickly.
2. I said before that I thought I could do as good a job as the public school. Correction:I feel I can do a better job.
3. I'm not sure how the kids would like 'normal' school now. Maybe they'd like it(shrug)....I'm sure they'd cope.
4. They are going to need to form new relationships with other homeschool as a result of the move. But they have already made fast friends with our neighbours.
5. Hmmm. This one no longer really applies.
6. But this one sure does.
Sept2010 we go.
School Year 2011-2012.

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Cathy said...

It is nice that you get this one on one time with the boys and from what I have seen in your blog the boys are learning a lot more than they would in a "normal" school environment.
I can probably get you some information on homeschooling in the Ottawa area as my sister-in-law homeschools her kids. Let me know if you are interested.

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