Monday, August 08, 2011

Back to School

One of the blogs I read was discussing back to school preparations. Specifically, the homeschool room. Homeschool rooms were an issue around here after buying this house. We talked about using the 4th bedroom as a schooling room. The thing is, I don't think we'd actually stay in one room. We tend to move around a lot with our schooling depending on the day/other tasks I am trying to do/visitors/weather/the phases of the moon(alright I'm just kidding about that last one.)
But still I wanted to show where we would be learning this year so I asked the boys to help me.
Here's A in the reading corner.

Here's E at the kitchen island counter. Usually they work here if I am cooking or baking.

Here's A at the dinner table. Our most frequent schooling area.

Here's A at the van. We tend to do math facts or spelling in the van.

I asked the kids if they had any ideas of where I should include as places we learn.

'A' suggested the museums.

E suggested a picture of me. He says that where I am is where the learning is. I'm sure he didn't know how happy it would make me to hear that.

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christine0414 said...

E's comment is so very true - and 100% adorable :)

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