Sunday, August 14, 2011


Please welcome our new guinea pigs from the rescue shelter. On the left, Buttercup. On the right, Maple. These two are different breeds from what we had before but just as cute.
This week we had the chance to visit with some friends. And at church we had a little impromptu reunion with the people from our old small group.

We have this tradition of always going out to eat after church. Always to the same place. But now we need a new place so we are trying out some different places. The restaurant we went to today was not it. We did have some fun thumb wars while we waited for our food though.
(If anyone has a suggestion for a not-too-expensive, not-too-busy, not-too-greasy restaurant please let us know.)

You know how there's always that one thing about yourself that is hard to accept? Well with me it's my hair. I hate it. I have tried cutting, colouring, perming, straightening, braiding. Right now I'm pretty committed to completely neglecting it. This pic from today cracks me up. It's like my hair is trying to do that flowing flipping thing but can't quite make it happen.

I think this is what my hair was trying to do.

I did a little hair makeover on-line. Aa-a-a-ah! My Good Hair.
Speaking of which, have you seen the movie? Funny. Check it out.

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PEG said...

what area of the city are you looking for a breakfast place in? there are few around, but the city is rather spread out :D

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