Friday, September 09, 2011

What's My Thing

I'm not so arty. Truly I still draw stick figures. But luckily there are lots of great websites with ideas for how to incorporate art into learning.

We have been learning about rainbows this week. Here the boys are working on creating their prism/rainbow placemats. (At Staples they photocopy and then laminate them.)

A has been talking about being a bee for Hallowe'en. And wouldn't you know they had a costume in just his size at Giant Tiger today. (Good thing we went in for wood cleaner.)

Y'all (see...I haven't forgotten VA) know I love lists. Here E is adding to his to-do list for the day. I have been writing it on the board next to their chore lists. Did I mention I love lists?

The Joy of Cooking. On the first page is a note from GrandmaJean circa 1999. On page 774 is banana bread. On page 795 is pancake batter. And today I tried a new one.

I'm about to go and cut myself a slice. Raisin/cinnamon loaf. I wish this blog were scratch-n-sniff.


Donna McKinney said...

I wish this blog were slice and eat.
Love keeping up with home school and all your other adventures. We miss you!
--Donna M.

The Allen Family said...

So glad you live here now.... it was soooo hard to see all those yummy bake goods on the blog from 930 kms away. I'm on my way over.... slice me a piece be there in a jiffy.

Jenn said...

That loaf looks amazing. Love the art work the boys are doing.

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