Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Off To Granny's House

This week we have been studying Little Red RidingHood so this a.m. the boys did a skit. But they didn't want me to take any pics of them, especially as LittleRed....a GIRL!! But here are our props.

We have been comparing/contrasting some of the many different versions of the story.

We have read:

Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault. (For some reason LittleRed takes off her clothes in this one.)

and tonight we are reading from Classic Fairy Tales retold by Michael Foreman and tomorrow we are ending with a version from 5Minute Fairy Tales adapted by Jane Jarrard.

Today I sent the boys up to clean their room. After an hour and a half I took this pic. Technically they cleaned their room. It's just that after finishing they took out all new toys to play with.

I was just about to point that out when E said, "Mom, I made up a new game." And then he excitedly told me all about it. I couldn't rain on that parade by mentioning something as mundane as tidiness!

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