Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fin de Semaine

M wasn't the only one who had a good weekend. While M and E were camping it up I was home with A.
This child knows how to work his cuteness.

We went out for lunch and while he was waiting for his food he was reading his bible.

Yes that's him on the van. He asked if he could climb up top. And I figured, what could possibly go wrong - so I said yes! And he climbed up there in about two seconds.

And of course a kitchen update. Grndad is working on installing the new micro/fan. We're waiting for the counters to be ready. We have the knobs but haven't put them up yet.

The pass-thru wall. The old counters are sitting on top for the time being until the new one is ready. You can see some of the finished floor in this pic. The kickboards aren't up yet and again with the knobs.
It's amazing that throughout this reno we have only been without kitchen one night for cooking. (The night he redid the plumbing under the sink.) Grandad had a great plan for working on it section by section and it has allowed us to maintain use of the kitchen. (It's been great to not have to spend $$ to eat out every night.)

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Cathy said...

The kitchen looks very nice and your little guys is so cute!! It is nice that the two of you got to spend the weekend together while your other guys were busy camping. That one on one time is so precious.

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