Saturday, September 03, 2011

Not A Hand Model

I had time this morning to tackle a home improvement job before heading out to camp. Voila....the front foyer in progress.

Work work work. (I love it)

Do you see how it's almost done? There's that little piece in the corner? 12" by 3"? That's where I ran into trouble. I tried to use a different tool than I had been using and sliced my thumb.

Here's what my thumb looks like now. Three hours at the hospital. Three big ugly stitches. Seriously, these are not pretty....very Frankenstein. And my hand modeling career is over.


Cathy said...

Nice job on the floor but sorry to hear about the finger and the visit to the hospital. I do like the little face you put on the bandage though.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry to hear this bad news. First it was E and now mom. Please don't let little Adam near the tools...they say things happen in threes.

For whatever reason the pics did not come out on my computer.What hand is it?

This will set you back a bit but you will make a way...that is our Johanna.

Take care...relax amd enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Love mom

Anonymous said...

I just went back into your blog to see if there was an update. No there wasn't but for whatever reason the pictures are now there for me to see. I loved your thumbs happy face.

Keep smiling!
Love mom

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