Monday, September 05, 2011

Brain and Brawn

So my brainy husband, he got an A on his first Masters Course, also has brawn. He set aside his homework today and took out all the tile in the kitchen. When it was done E asked me, "How come it took you so long to do the hall which is so small.....and daddy was so fast when he did the kitchen and it's so big?"
The answer?? Because he rocks!!! Thanks hubby.

A got in on chore day today too.

From Fri-Sun night the kids were up at camp with G2K. It's a tradition on LabourDayWeekend to have Hallowe'en at the camp. That's my red ninja in the first pic and my wizard in the second. Yes, you read correctly.....a wizard. Once I said yes to Hallowe'en it was just a quick backslide to him dressing as a wizard.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post about Mike being brawny . . . . but then I saw the pretty green oven mitts for his knees and you lost me! HAHA! TOTALLY kidding, the floors look fantastic btw!

Cousin Sarah

Jenn said...

What an amazing weekend had by everyone.

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures