Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This guy makes 37 look pretty appealing.
A family friend gave us a new board game some time ago but this is the first time we've tried it, it's called Cashflow. It was fun!
We didn't have time to finish a full game though when we stopped M was in the lead.

The kids have been well trained to look-freeze-smile when my camera comes out.
It's pretty funny how they'll stop mid-activity and assume the picture position.

But I noticed lately that E has been making a bit of a strange face when he looks at the camera.
So I asked him about it. He says that he wants to make sure people can see the part of his mouth appliance that goes across his bottom teeth.
So that explains it.


Anonymous said...

BUBBLES.....great job, on the blog, and I can only assume you are now a beaver leader/cub leader.....I can relate to the experience first hand...great fun ..treasure the time it passes far too quickly...Love to all....Get better soon MJ... dad

Anonymous said...

Peter, wasn't that you name also...Bubbles? That is what I told M last night.

No matter how you smile E...you look amazing...handsome! Your brother also.

And M, well what can a mother say other than ...never mind, the list would be far too long. Love you M. You are a wonderful son, husband father.

Johanna...you look great in your uniform. Lots of fun ahead of you as a leader.

Lots of love...mom/nana

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday M. Congratulations on becoming a leader. Have many exciting adventures.

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