Monday, February 18, 2013



Today I’m going to tell you why homeschooling is more fun than school.

The first thing is you don’t have to take the bus to school and you don’t have to get ready. You don’t have to pack a backpack and you’re in your home and comfortable. Also, there’s less school to do so much more free time. And if you have a pet you can bring it to school and just go to the cupboard and grab a snack.

Also, you aren’t afraid to ask a question or make friends. Speaking of friends you make lots of friends in activities. Oh yah about activities you get to do lots of fun things in co-op and activities you do with your friends. And your mom or dad have to get the books that sometimes you pick out!

You get lots of days off like Granny day. Granny day is when you go to Granny’s and do lots of fun things and sometimes go to the museum. And people…..we’re socialized!!!

So now you know why homeschooling is better than school.

E- Persuasive

I’m going to tell you why guinea pigs are the best pet.

Guinea pigs are low maintenance. Cages are pretty cheap if you know where to buy it. You should go to RONA to buy a cement mixing container for 13 dollars. Man that’s a good deal. You only have to clean their cage once a week. And it’s not like you have to walk them every day.

Guinea pigs are very cute. They come in all different colors. They like it if they are not alone as in one. They are very cuddly and my guinea pig loves burrowing in the blankets. So if you like animals that are cute and cuddly and you don’t mind a little shedding you should buy a guinea pig.

You don’t have to walk them. You don’t have to hold their poop in a bag. And you don’t have to pick up hair balls. ICKY!

All these reasons are why Guinea pigs are the best pet.


The Allen Family said...

Two good reads.... well done boys.

Anonymous said...

well done Boys...Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole read, and yes I agree the picking up the poop thing is just nasty, but a necessity. You guys are the best, and I think you should give the teacher 2 great big hugs, one from me as well...Love You folks and miss the snow....Grampy P

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