Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Un oeil

We have been studying the eye this week and I wanted to give the kids a concrete demonstration.
My fellow on-line homeschoolers turned me towards a great experiment.
I had set it up to use an arrow as what our eye was seeing. Naturally, they wanted to use a mini-fig.
The experiment worked and the kids really enjoyed it.
All day long the kids ask me questions about their mini-figs.
Does 'A' look better than 'B'? Does 'C' look better with sword 'E'?
Do you think mini-fig troll 'D' would beat mini-fig dwarf 'F'?
And they are seriously serious about these questions.

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Mama Bear said...

Cool eye. We did the skin a little while ago and Jo drew a really impressive model. I love science! And although I am very uneducated in these things, I would have to say that I think that the troll would beat the dwarf due to sheer size.

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