Monday, February 25, 2013

Splashin' Around

I was preparing to write the start of this post about how we've been just keeping our heads above water around here. I was going to explain how A is feeling much better but M fell ill with the flu this weekend. I was going to mention that E's mouth apparatus is driving him to distraction. It probably would have come up that February always feels like the longest month because I just want Spring to get here already.
But then I went online to get a picture to represent 'keeping our heads above water' and I found all of these great pictures.
This lady is keeping her head above high heels...hasn't even dropped her purse and she's accessorized!!
And then there's all these pictures. They make 'keeping your head above water' look like something they do on purpose.
By the time I got done looking at pictures....I didn't want to whine on the blog anymore.

After we arrived at Cubs tonight I told E that he could go find his friends if he wanted to.
And he was a shot...I think he said something like, "Thank goodness, Bye!"
But this guy is still my buddy.
There was an enormous crowd there for the potluck dinner.
This is an extraordinary group of people. We are so lucky to be involved with this.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures...we are feeling the same over here in the Peg....come on spring.

I can see that A is truly enjoying Beavers...wonderful. Love his big smile and A is every ones buddy.

Lov eto

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