Friday, February 15, 2013

End of Week

 This picture warms my heart. I snapped it at our co-op on Thursday.
It's nice that the kids have the opportunity to spend parts of their day with kids of other ages.
And I think it's good for them too!
 I found this on-line, ........
"because of the mixed age group, the younger children benefit from the positive models of older children, often aspiring to their levels of capability. At the same time, the older children rise to the expectations of the younger children and teacher, being very responsible and having opportunities to lend and use their expertise."
I didn't have the opportunity to read this in its entirety but what I saw looked intriguing.

Today at Sword Class the instructor let the kids try on a reproduction of 14th century armour.
How cool is this?!
And here's A....looking fierce.
I had promised to make some playdough this about leaving it until the last minute!
I wonder how old they will be when they are too old for playdough?
Let's hope it's not that I've perfected my playdough recipe.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the colour choices! What's the recipe?


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