Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We had a successful trip to a new grocery store today that claims to offer the 'best in Asian fresh'.
We picked out some new cheese crackers to try.
The boys grabbed some sushi for lunch. (They were introduced to sushi by GrndmDrdre and they've loved it ever since.)
And A could not walk away from these mushrooms.
I've never cooked enokitake before but he assures me, after looking it up with Grnny on-line, he can take care of it.
We're also going to take a much closer look at them under our micrscope tomorrow.
I was also able to find a couple of new meat substitute soy products that I'm excited to try.


Mama Bear said...

Love the mushrooms! Do you worry at all about soy with the boys? I have read some bad things about soy, but not really researched. What have you found?

Jenn said...

Sounds like an exciting trip. Let me know about the mushrooms they look yummy.

The Allen Family said...

The boys cooked up a few for me yesterday.... they are delicious!!!

Enokitake mushrooms contain antioxidants, like ergothioneine. Animal testing has indicated possible applications in the development of vaccines and cancer immunotherapy.

Research at the National University of Singapore, first published in 2005, stated that the stalk of the golden needle mushroom contains a large quantity of a protein, that helps in the regulation of the immune system.

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