Friday, February 01, 2013



In my opinion people should wash their hands more.

If someone is sick they should not invite anyone to their house because that would cause illnesses to other people. When you sneeze you should grab a tissue or if you have to sneeze into your arm because you could spread germs. In a time where you are vomiting you should probably stay at your house to not spread the illness.

When you go outside and play in the mud like Calvin and Hobbes please wash your hands so that you don’t get anything dirty when you come inside. In a situation Where you come home from school there could be germs on your hands from things like water fountains and you should wash your hands. If you’re done cleaning up an animal cage you should wash your hands.

The difference between germs and dirt is that germs are microscopic and dirt is usually not. Germs can get you ill and dirt can get something else dirty like chocolate on a couch. When you use your hands a lot and rarely wash then they have germs and dirt on them.

Please wash your hands.


In my opinion Dad shouldn’t go away for longer than a week.

It makes me sad and I also miss him soooooo much! And it makes mom and Eric sad too and they also miss him. I miss our family dinners.

It’s really sad he can’t tell storys and he can’t take us to Beavers! I can’t hear jokes from him and I don’t get a daddy cuddle. One of the biggest things I miss is he can’t tickle me and he can’t babysit us.

And when he’s gone I have to go shopping! And I don’t get to see him at night. There is a lot of it I don’t like about him going away for longer than a week.

So now you know that it’s better if dad stays at home.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys...well done. two very noteworthy opinions boys..and so true. Hard when dad goes away, however I am sure he washes his hands and I know he misses you guys and Mom a lot. Now about that tickle spot......Love Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

And I am M's mom....and I really miss him because now he doesn't live with me anymore. Although he is still my son, he is now a husband and a daddy.

We may be miles apart but our love remains the you dearly M.

And lots of love to J, E And A.

Mama Bear said...

I love the two opinions on very different things! And I totally agree with both of them and I get everyone to wash their hands just about every time we get home from somewhere.

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