Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Learning

We had a great time at co-op today. A is learning a lot in his weather class. And E is stretching his mind in his Rube Goldberg class.
Then the boys and I did an experiment. We weighed four pieces of gum. And then asked ourselves:
Would it weigh more or less after we chewed it?
The boys guessed it would weigh more....because it would have our saliva in it.
Then we chewed it. Well.....A and I chewed it.
E isn't allowed to chew gum with his mouth apparatus in. He was not impressed.
 Then when we weighed it again. And this time it was....lighter!!
What?? Surprised?
The reason why is at the bottom of this post.

Our new washer and dryer arrived today and M needed to level them.
What better way to get the job done....than with a headlight.
Your saliva dissolves the sugar in the gum. It weighs less without the sugar.

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Anonymous said...

M you are so it! washer and dryer. None too soon I might add.


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