Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Choose


Instead of being upset that M has a concussion....I choose to be relieved the injury was not worse.
Instead of getting worried about him not being able to work....I choose to be comforted that his work supports him.
Instead of being distressed that A is sick with the flu....I choose to be content that he will recover and is a good patient.
Instead of feeling exasperated that our washing machine is broken...I choose to be grateful that we are able to replace it....(the sick kid laundry can't wait but the laundromat is open on Sunday)


Mama Bear said...

So true that every action and feeling of every day is a choice. You've made the best choice and I hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

very interesting choice and thought process J, I always love the way you process the blog and I so look forward to my choice, to view it when my computer decides to work here in the desert..Love you and keep up the great Mommy/Teacher/Cook/Cleaner/Driver work that you have mastered thus far....Love Grampy P

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